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Athletic Training Sports Medicine


It is school policy that if you are seen by a physician, you are to submit a note of clearance (from the same physician/office) before being permitted to participate in future school-sponsored athletic activities.

    ATSM Application

    Applications due 5/13/16, if you turn in your packet late then you'll be added to the waiting list.  We will contact you if an interview is needed or if we'd like your assistance next year.

    Sports Med News and Announcements


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    Physical Packet

    This is last year's Spanish packet, the new one will be updated once WCPSS updates.

    Travel Form

    SRMHS Athletic Registration

    Cuncussion Information

    Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act: for complete information please visit their site. (Click Here)

    For medical clearance by an MD you'll need the document below.

    Insurance Information

    Knowledge is Power

    School Information

    Address: 2600 Rock Quarry Road
                   Raleigh NC 27610
    Phone: (919) 856 - 2800
    Fax: (919) 856 - 2827