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Fall WRISTBANDS for try-outs

Fall wristbands will be distributed on:
  • Monday, July 26 from 3-5 pm
  • Thursday, July 29 from 9-11 am and 12-2 pm
  • If you cannot pick up your wristband during one of these times, report to the Holliday Gym lobby prior to your try-out time to pick one up.  You cannot try out without a wristband!
In order to receive a wristband, verifying you are eligible to try out/participate in a fall sport, you must:
  • Have a complete and verified Dragonfly account, with valid physical uploaded.  Your name will appear in black (instead of red) when you are approved.
  • Meet the eligibility requirements.  This includes, but is not limited to,  being promoted, passing a minimum of 6 courses during the previous semester (S2 on your report card), and have a minimum of a 1.5 cumulative GPA.
All potential athletes should contact the coach of the sport for specific try-out information.  You can access the full directory HERE.

summer workouts

In order to participate in summer workouts and try-outs, the student athlete must:

  • complete the DRAGONFLY registration.  The Dragonfly account should be created by the parent/guardian, and then the student-athlete(s) should be added.  You can view directions HERE.

  • upload a picture of a completed physical (download physical forms HERE).  THe physical must be on the exact 2 pages in the link.

  • be cleared by an athletic trainer (confirming all documents are valid).  

Student-athletes should contact individual coaches for times and dates of workouts and tryouts.  We will update their pages as information becomes available.  WHEN REGISTERING, PLEASE MARK ALL SPORTS  YOU PLAN TO TRY OUT FOR IN THE 2021-22 SCHOOL YEAR.  BOTH JV AND VARSITY MUST BE CHECKED FOR ALL SPORTS REGARDLESS OF YOUR LEVEL.



Information regarding memberships, sports passes, and sponsorships coming soon!


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School Information
Needham B. Broughton High School
723 St. Mary's Street
Raleigh, NC  27605

Aaron Minger, Athletic Director
Phone:  (919) 856 - 7810 ext: 23289
Fax:  (919) 856 - 7822