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Dillard Drive Magnet Athletics

Welcome t0 Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School Athletics Program Page

Welcome to the official site of the Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School Athletics Program. Use the navigation toolbar up above in the light grey toolbar to browse through general information. If on a mobile device, click the 3 lines up above and then the right arrow next to Dillard Drive. Click a sport below to view each individual sport's webpage. We are looking forward to a great 2021-2022 season. Go Dragons!

Days Until Fall Tryouts!!!


2021-2022 Athletics

Returning to Traditional Athletics: 

Based on the recommendations made by the athletics committee of the core reopening team,  supported by a majority of principals and athletic directors, and approved by WCPSS senior leadership,  the following changes are in place for the 21-22 school year.

  • Middle School athletic activities will resume no earlier than August 30, 2021

  • There will be no summer workouts for middle school student-athletes this summer. 

  • Schedules will be conference only for the 21-22  school year.


  • Eligibility requirements are listed in the Athletic Participation Packet below.

  • Academic requirements and attendance requirements will be in place as usual.

    • Requirements can be found "Here"

Future Athens Drive Athletes

Welcome to Athens Drive!  We are looking forward to your child attending Athens Drive in the fall of 2021.  If your child is interested in participating in athletics during the 2020-21 school year please click on the link below titled 'Athens Drive Athletics Interest Form' and respond to all the questions. In June, the head coach of each of the sports we offer at Athens will be sending sport specific information to anyone that fills out the form indicating they would like additional information.  All athletes must have an up-to-date physical prior to participating in any off-season workouts or tryouts, I will send the physical paperwork out as soon as we receive the updated form for 2021-22.  The second link found below will take you to the Athens Drive Athletics website.  At the top of the website you can register for our athletic department email group where you will receive information about schedules, sports passes for next year, and all other athletic department updates.  If you have any questions feel free to email me anytime. Go Jags!


Athens Drive Athletics Interest Form


Sign Up for the Athletic Department Email Group

Season Dates


Fall Sports

First Practice/tryout date August 30

First Games Week of September 20

Winter Sports

First Practice/tryout date November 15

First Games December 6

Spring Sports

First Practice/tryout date February 22

First Games Week of March 14


Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School Masks for Sale for $11

Comes in Dillard Drive Colors, has our Dragon Logo, and even a place to write your name.  

Please purchase below using either the PayPal or Debit / Credit Card.

Masks must picked up at Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School.

Please bring the email of your receipt with you. 



2021-2022 Team Schedules


Date                    Home                                Away

9/23                    Dillard Drive      vs           Ligon

9/30                    Oberlin               vs           Dillard Drive

10/7                    Dillard Drive      vs           Martin

10/21                  Carnage              vs           Dillard Drive

10/28                  Dillard Drive      vs           East Garner

11/4                    North Garner     vs           Dillard Drive


Volleyball and Girls Soccer

Date                    Home                                Away

9/22                    Dillard Drive      vs           Ligon

9/29                    Oberlin               vs           Dillard Drive

10/6                    Dillard Drive      vs           Martin

10/20                  Carnage              vs           Dillard Drive

10/26                  Dillard Drive      vs           East Garner

11/3                    North Garner     vs           Dillard Drive


Girls and Boys Basketball

Date                    Home                                Away

12/6                    Dillard Drive      vs           Ligon

12/9                    Oberlin               vs           Dillard Drive

12/13                  Dillard                 vs           Martin

1/6                       Carnage              vs           Dillard Drive

1/10                    Dillard Drive      vs           East Garner

1/13                    North Garner     vs           Dillard Drive

1/20                    Ligon                   vs           Dillard Drive

1/24                    Dillard Drive      vs           Oberlin

1/27                    Martin                vs           Dillard Drive

2/3                       Dillard Drive      vs           Carnage

2/7                       East Garner        vs           Dillard Drive

2/10                    Dillard Drive      vs           North Garner


Boys Soccer

Date                    Home                                Away

3/15                    Dillard Drive      vs           Ligon

3/22                    Oberlin               vs           Dillard Drive

3/29                    Dillard Drive      vs           Martin

4/19                    Carnage              vs           Dillard Drive

4/26                    Dillard Drive      vs           East Garner

5/3                       North Garner     vs           Dillard Drive



Date                      Home                                   Away

3/14                       Dillard Drive       vs            Ligon

3/17                       Oberlin                 vs            Dillard Drive

3/21                       Dillard Drive       vs            Martin

3/31                       Carnage               vs            Dillard Drive

4/4                         Dillard Drive       vs            East Garner

4/7                         North Garner     vs            Dillard Drive

4/18                       Ligon                     vs            Dillard Drive

4/21                       Dillard Drive       vs            Oberlin

4/25                       Martin                  vs            Dillard Drive

5/5                         Dillard Drive       vs            Carnage

5/9                         East Garner        vs            Dillard Drive

5/12                       Dillard Drive       vs            North Garner


Boys and Girls Track


Athletic Director

Chad Sichak

Chad Sichak

Athletic Director

School Information

Dillard Drive Middle School
5200 Dillard Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 233-4228

Directions to Dillard Drive 

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