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Dillard Drive Magnet Athletics

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Welcome to the official site of the Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School Athletics Program. Use the navigation toolbar up above in the light grey toolbar to browse through general information. If on a mobile device, click the 3 lines up above and then the right arrow next to Dillard Drive. Click a sport below to view each individual sport's webpage. We are looking forward to a great 2020-2021 season. Go Dragons!

4 Steps for Registration - 2021 Athletic Workouts

4 Steps for Registration - 2021 Athletic Workouts

  1. Complete Sport Interest Form
    1. Season 2 - Feb. 22 - March 19  Interest Form - fill out ASAP - Volleyball, Girls’ Soccer, Football and Cheerleading
      1. Athletic Presentation for Season 2
    2. Season 3 - March 22 - April 30th Interest Form - fill out ASAP - Softball, Boys’ Track and Field, Girls’ Track and Field, Boys’ Soccer
      1. Athletic Presentation for Season 3
    3. Season 1 -  May 3 - May 21 Interest Form - fill out ASAP - Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball and Cheerleading
      1. Athletic Presentation for Season 1
  1. Complete the mandatory  On-line Athletic Registration form
  1. North Carolina Sport Preparticipation Examination Form (p.5 only)
    1. Bring page 5 to the Dr. for your physical & for them to fill out
    2. Submit electronically to the AD
    3. Or turn into your coach if unable to scan before the 1st day 
    4. Middle School Athletic Participation Form 2020-21 page 5
    5. Middle School Athletic Participation Form 2020-21 - Spanish p. 5
  1. Pre-Participation Health Questionnaire
    1. The Covid-19 Pre-Participation Health Questionnaire must be printed, filled out, and signed by both parent and student.
    2. The form must be turned in on the first day of workouts.


DDMS After School Buses



Parents and Students Dillard Drive Middle School

After school activity routes are designed to transport students using the Express Bus Concept. Stops are established at local schools, shopping centers or at the entrance to a neighborhood subdivision to assist parents and students by transporting students closer to home. It is the responsibility of the parent to pick-up the student at the established stops in the afternoon.


Activity Buses will only run Monday through Friday.  Routes will begin on Monday, February 22, 2021.


Activity Bus Route 1:

Arrives before 5:00PM

Leaves at 5:00PM

Stops at Athens Drive Middle School at 5:06

Stops at Oak Grove Elementary at 5:21


Activity Bus Route 2:

Arrives before 5:00PM

Leaves at 5:00PM

Stops at Smith Elementary School at TBA

Stops at Southeast Raleigh High School at TBA



Dillard Drive Athletic Registration


Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School Masks for Sale for $11

Comes in Dillard Drive Colors, has our Dragon Logo, and even a place to write your name.  

Please purchase below using either the PayPal or Debit / Credit Card.

Masks must picked up at Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School.

Please bring the email of your receipt with you. 


Athletic Director

Chad Sichak

Chad Sichak

Athletic Director

Dillard Drive Athletics Instagram

School Information

Dillard Drive Middle School
5200 Dillard Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 233-4228

Directions to Dillard Drive 

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