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Welcome to Lufkin Road Middle School Athletics

2022-23 Sports Participation Info

Participation forms linked below:


Beginning with the 2021-22 School Year all athletics paperwork will be submitted through the dragonfly website/app.  It is the responsibility of the parent to see that all documents are uploaded and in the system prior to the athlete staying for any sports try-outs.


PARENTS & STUDENTS ATHLETIC DIRECTORS, COACHES & SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS Download the DragonFly MAX app from the App Store or Google Play. Tap ‘Get Started’ and ‘Sign Up for Free’ then follow the prompts to create your Parent account with your own email address. Note: please do not create an account with your child’s name or contact information — you will get the chance to add your child soon! Verify your account with the verification ID sent to your email address. Tap ‘Connect to your school’ to select ‘Parent’ as your role and search for your child’s school. After selecting your child’s school, tap ‘Join’ to request access. An administrator at your school will approve your request. Tap ‘Set up your children’ and follow the prompts to add your kid(s) and fill out their participation forms.

If you are new to DRAGONFLY please read. Our participation packet can be completed all online with the exception of 2 pages. Pages numbered 3 and 4 must be completed by the Dr. Page 3 is the physical (PPE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION) and Page 4 (PPE MEDICAL ELIGIBILITY FORM). Only these two pages need to be printed and filled out by hand. These two will need to be uploaded. The rest of the packet does not need to be printed and uploaded. It can be simply completed in your athletes profile on the dragonfly website.   Let me know if you need help.


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Lufkin Games This Week:

Tuesday 5/3 Soccer Home Holly Ridge
Wednesday 5/4 Softball Holly Ridge - Make Up Game Date
Thursday 5/5 Softball @ Holly Grove

Admission is $5

School Information

Lufkin Road Middle School
1002 Lufkin Rd. 
Apex, NC 27539
Phone: 919-387-4465
Directions to Lufkin Road

Games This Week

2/6 BB H West Lake
2/9 BB H Apex (8th grade recognition night)

All games start at 4:00

Admission is $6

Here is the link to purchase tickets for any Lufkin Road athletic event home and away for the entire  year:

Spring Sports 2022-23

Spring Sports Tryout Info:
Softball: 2/27 - 3/3 (Coaches decision)3:30-5:00
Softball Interest  form: copy the link and paste on new page to complete.

Track: 2/27 - 3/3 (Coaches decision)3:30-5:00

Boys' Soccer: 2/27 - 3/3 (Coaches decision)3:30-5:00
Soccer Interest  form: copy the link and paste on new page to complete.

Participation packet including physicals should be uploaded to DRAGONFLY. Information pertaining to this can be found on our school website. For best viewing DO NOT use a phone.

Athletic Director Contact

Michael Behrend, Athletic Director


Phone: 919-387-4465 ext. 25687


Lufkin Road Middle School

1002 Lufkin Road

Apex, NC 27539