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Welcome to Middle Creek High School Athletics

Summer 2020 Updates

With WCPSS suspending co-curricular activities indefinitely, here are some things that all will need to know before we return:

ALL students will have to complete the WCPSS athletic participation packet BEFORE returning to MCHS - The forms can be found under Participation Forms on the MCHS Athletics web site. While your physical may be good, the other parts have to be filled out again.  If your medical physical is dated ON or after 03/01/19 through 05/01/20, it will be valid through the 2020-2021 school year. 

Please know that our procedures to return will be set by the NCHSAA and WCPSS and the State regulations. We will do everything we can to make this process as easy as possible but will also make sure we are compliant. Please be patient. 


We will LIKELY do online registration (Ticket To Play) for athletics this year. This will also be a new process but once it is implemented, it should be easier for the student-athletes and coaches for the tryout process! 


TRYOUTS - CAN begin on Sept 1 IF we move forward! This does not mean all teams will start on the 1st!!! Some will wait to begin. For specifics, Please go to your sports team web page and contact the coach for the specifics. 

Football - Randy Ragland  -

Soccer - Ciel Norcy -

Cross Country - Amy Woynicz  =

Cheerleading - Tenesha Young -

Tennis - Mary Ewanich -

Gymnastics - Linda Haswell -

Golf - Rose Piccirillo -

Volleyball - Bryth Painter -

Athletic Director - Robbie Wray -

Athletic Trainer - Lexie Smith -

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Brian Boadwine -


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    Directions to Middle Creek

    NCAA Eligibility Brochure

    MCHS General Athletic Info

    MCHS Athletics General Information

    FOR 2020-2021 - The timelines and procedures are all subject to change. Below is General Guidelines and Procedures.  Currently, WCPSS has suspended Co-Curricular Activities Indefinitely, we will update the calendar and communicate the procedures as soon as we have them from the county. Thanks for your understanding.



    TYPICALLY,  ALL Fall sports start the first week of August (exact dates set by NCHSAA on a yearly basis)

    Check the MCHS website calendar and athletics calendar/website for specifics for each sport as they may vary. With the exception of golf, tryouts will be somewhere on the MCHS campus. The practice fields (by the Town of Cary Community Center), the turf fields (by the Town of Cary multipurpose fields/playground area), the MCHS Gymnasiums (Main, Auxillary, or Community Center Gym) are all used by the Fall teams. Some teams practice/workout in the mornings and some go in the evenings. Each Sport is different.

    Winter tryouts are usually around early to mid November, Spring tryouts are around mid-February. Each team varies as to when they do off season workouts. See your sport specific coach for details. 

    See below for links to the MCHS website calendar, athletics website, coaching staff links, participation forms.

    EVERY participant must have a complete/current physical and participation forms on file BEFORE working out or trying out for a team. AND, each student must be assigned to MCHS and be enrolled before participating. IF the student is coming from a local Middle School and is assigned to MCHS, they are eligible IF all other paperwork is complete. IF a student is transferring into MCHS, the student MUST be enrolled by the MCHS Student Services Staff in order to participate. The student may not participate if they have an appointment to be enrolled. 

    Ticket to Play

    MCHS uses the Ticket to Play process in which prospective Student Athletes have to show up for Coach Smith (Athletic Trainer) and Coach Wray (Athletic Director) to check physical paperwork and eligibility. There will be 2 dates and times for the morning and 1 for the evening for athletes to get this done. For the Fall, this will be scheduled around the last week of July. Failure to get a ticket, will result in the athlete not being allowed to participate, NO EXCEPTIONS.  For 2020-21 We MAY use ONLINE TTP Process, stay tuned.

    For the Winter and Spring, these will be done during lunches for 3 days with each sport being assigned a day to come. These are usually within a week or two of actual tryouts starting.

    Student Athletes who wish to sign their Letter of Intent at MCHS Athletics Signing days must have participated their Junior year and intend to play their Senior year at MCHS.  Athletes who have sustained a season ending injury or are new to MCHS are exempt to this policy. 

    Spectators are to stay in spectator seating areas at all times at home and away games - before, during, and after the game unless summoned by MCHS game day administration or officials. 

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