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Player and Team Expectations and Commitments

By Adam Schainblatt, 06/15/19, 10:30AM EDT


Welcome to the Team!  We are so glad you are part of it!  When you choose to participate on the Husky Tennis Team you understand that you are bound to these expectations.  These expectations were created to ensure that all players take their role on the team seriously and are committed to the team. While special circumstances may arise, unless arrangements are made IN ADVANCE, exceptions will not be made. 

Time Commitment

Every member of the HHS Varsity Husky Tennis Team is required to attend AND is expected to stay until the completion of all events: 

  • ALL Team Practices
  • ALL Team Matches (Even if you are not on the lineup)
  • On rare occasions, you may need to attend multiple-hour events on the weekends.
  • Senior Celebration (held after last home match)
  • Picture Day (held prior to practice on tennis courts)
  • End of Season Banquet
  • If your schedule does not allow for you to commit this much time to Husky Tennis, then you will have to either adjust your schedule or consider trying out for tennis another year when you have more time.

NOTE: If after an injury you are not cleared to play by the Athletic Trainer you should still come to practices and matches to listen and learn, and help where you can.

Appointments and conflicts

Players should do their best to arrange appointments outside of practice time. The expectation is that all players practice with the team even if you have a private coach. Any conflicts regarding practices or matches must be resolved PRIOR to the day of practice or the match.


Players should be at ALL practices and matches unless absent from school that day due to illness or a prearranged absence. Students need to be physically prepared for their matches. If a practice is missed the student may have to give up their spot on the ladder for the next match depending on the situation and coaches discretion. This is regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused.

What to expect during the Tennis Season

If we have an after- school match, we typically finish around 5:30 or 6pm but with some AWAY matches we may not get back until 7:00 P.M.  Please plan for this in your schedule.

In a typical conference season, we play two matches with every school in our district, and we may play a couple of scrimmages and non conferance matches. We win or lose as a team so we start together and we finish together, please don't ask to leave just because your court is done but teammates are still playing. A team tennis match consists of six singles and three doubles matches. The victor must win the majority of the matches. It takes a minimum of 6 players to play a match. 

The number one player may not win his or her match, but if the team wins everyone on the team wins. The number 6 player is therefore just as important as the number 1 player. This is the great aspect of team tennis. 

It is important that all players be available and ready to participate. For example, if our number 2 player is missing, then our number 3 player moves up to the number 2 spot and competes against the other team’s number 2 player and it puts our whole team at a disadvantage as the other singles players have to move up one spot as well. Matches go onto the court according to the Team Ranking (Coach may change line up based on his discretion) with singles played first. It can take over three hours to finish an ‘away' team tennis match. Players must wear TEAM uniforms for all matches and tournaments.  I you are not wearing the TEAM uniform you may not play and have to give up your spot.  Only one uniform is required but you have the option to purchase more than one if desired.  Past season uniforms may be worn in practice but not matches unless it is the exact same uniform.  

Unlike other sports there is no substitution in tennis once a match has started. A player who is injured or is playing poorly either defaults or tries to win the match. Coaching is only allowed during the 90 second break between change of ends (Not after 1st game) or the ten minute break between split sets. No one, but the designated school coach, may coach a player in a tennis match. Relatives or friends are not allowed to coach.   Please make sure your words of encouragement during a match are not 'coaching in disguise'!  Your child will get confused, feel unnecessary pressure from you, and could get penalized.

Being a Valued Member of the Team 

We have high expectations for all Husky tennis team participants. Your actions will affect your teammates and your membership on the team. 

You must work hard and long to develop your tennis abilities and there is no substitution for hard work and many hours of dedication. All positions on the team and the line up are based on merit.  Everyone has an equal chance to earn a spot.

During the off season the hard work should not end.  You are encouraged to work on your tennis skills year round by taking lessons, classes, clinics, privates, camps, drilling with friends, and/or playing tournaments. If you do not work on tennis outside of the tennis season you will fall behind other players on the team or other teams who are engaging in these activities. 

Players who make varsity are expected to be ready to play whenever they are asked to play. This means that tennis is expected to become priority during the season and some personal sacrifice might be needed. To recap:

  • No job should interfere with practice/matches. 
  • We expect players to be at practice everyday and to be on time. Early is preferrable!
  • If at all possible, dentist or doctor appointments should not be made during practice or match time. 
  • Students who have an excused or unexcused absence from practice or a match may/will face consequences. 
  • Drivers Education should be taken at a time when it does not interfere with team practice and matches. 
  • All players must give at least one week notice for missing a team event due to another HHS conflict. 
  • All players must stay until a team match is complete.
  • When we travel, we travel as a team. Players must ride the bus with the team to and from the matches unless there is some unusual circumstance not to do so. Players may ride home with their parents if there is an unusual circumstance, but we need 24 hours advanced notice. (May change due to Covid Restrictions, TBA)
  • You are a student first and an athlete second, but you can still plan and prioritize your responsibilities such as homework and other activities so they do not interfere with matches and practice. 
  • Players are expected to be on time for all bus departures. We can not hold the bus for late players and risk having all the other players who arrived on time defaulted from a match because we waited for one late player. 


Tennis Practice

  • No phones or head phones allowed on the tennis courts, keep them in your bag and ask permission to use them if you need to contact your parents.  Don't let the Coach see your cell phones!
  • Abide by dress codes. Tennis attire only. No one will be allowed to wear jeans. 
  • You should always work to improve your game or help someone improve theirs. 
  • Take care of the courts and equipment. 
  • Carry out duties assigned to you to the best of your ability, be responsible. These may include: balls, water, marking roll, charting, concession help, video, supporting teammates,  etc.
  • Bring your own water bottle for practice and match play each day. 
  • The Captain(s) will assign two people each week to bring the water cooler back to the Athletic Trainers room. 
  • Suit out daily. Rain or shine. When in doubt suit out. 
  • Everyone should clean up after themselves and never leave snacks, trash or water bottles behind.
  • Expect to work hard. You will be asked to perform all physical movements and drills at full speed. You should run when picking up balls, when moving from drill to drill and when going to and from water breaks and team huddles. You will not sit down during practice except when given permission to do so.


  • ATTITUDE: Husky Tennis players must allways work hard, and when mistakes are made, to learn from those mistakes and keep trying. Coach Schainblatt will always take note of those players who listen, follow directions, and ask questions when necessary.  You are on the Husky Tennis Team because we believe you to be a person who is positive, competitive, eager to learn and you have something to contribute to the team.


  • SKILL/COMPETITION:  As a Husky Tennis player you will be asked to learn and practice all basic tennis skills and apply them in all competitive situations. You are on the team because the coach saw your ability and potential to fill the needs of the team.  Remember, singles and doubles are equally important.


What Should you bring to practice and matches?

The weather can do just about anything. Please be prepared for the conditions.  In addition to the items that you would normally bring, the below items are highly recommended:

  • Two or more Tennis racquets (strings may break) 
  • Over grips
  • Hat
  • Towel to wipe off sweat
  • If cold, HHS sweatpants, sweatshirt, Warm jacket, Knit hat or hood
  • Extra T-shirts and socks
  • Long sleeve t-shirt if necessary
  • Food and Drink:Healthy energy bars, fruit, etc… 
  • Water bottles 
  • Cell phone for important / emergency phone calls
  • All clothing must have some kind of HHS logo or plain.