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By Jeff Dunbar, 12/01/20, 3:15PM EST


Aug. 12, 2020 - High School Athletics Calendar Updates

  • The N.C. High School Athletic Association today released new calendars outlining when high school athletic seasons are allowed to resume. 

    This guidance indicates when individual sports may begin tryouts, practices and competitions. School districts may start tryouts no earlier than the prescribed dates, but they are not obligated to start on those dates. 

    WCPSS leadership will continue to monitor public health trends in our community in determining if and when our student-athletes may safely return to play. 

    The new calendar released today, which may change if public health conditions worsen, allows tryouts to begin on the following dates:

    Nov. 4  - cross country, volleyball 

    Nov. 23 - swimming and diving 

    Dec. 7  - men’s and women’s basketball 

    Jan. 11 - men’s soccer, men’s and women’s lacrosse

    Feb. 8 - football

    March 1 - men’s and women’s golf, men’s tennis, women’s soccer, softball

    April 12 - baseball, women’s tennis, outdoor men’s and women’ track and field, wrestling

    May 1 - Cheerleading Invitational

    NCHSAA does not govern women’s gymnastics or Stunt. We will evaluate if and when it may be feasible to resume those sports.

    For now, all WCPSS athletic activities remain suspended indefinitely. District leaders will continue discussions about how and when we may safely resume athletic activity. We will share updates as soon as they are available.


August 1, 2020 Announcement

A subcommittee for Athletics & Co-Curricular/Band Activities, which consists of Principals, Athletic Directors, Athletic Trainers, Band Directors, Area Superintendents, the WCPSS Athletic Director, WCPSS Director of Arts and others, has been carefully monitoring COVID-19 trends in Wake County and in the state of North Carolina.

The rise in COVID-19 cases and guidance from state officials would compel us to take extensive precautions to protect student safety should we resume activities, including daily temperature checks and health screenings, as well as strict social distancing rules. This would require additional staff, personal protective equipment and training.

In light of this, the subcommittee has determined that it is not prudent to resume athletic or co-curricular activities at this time, nor for the foreseeable future. Therefore all voluntary workouts, practices and other gatherings are suspended indefinitely.

Athletics will continue to follow all rules associated with the N.C. High School Athletic Association “dead period.”
Band activities will be aligned with athletics as closely as possible.
All other co-curricular activities that are suspended include any teacher-sponsored student clubs or organizations, such as ROTC, service clubs or national honor societies.

The subcommittee will revisit the status of athletics, bands and all other co-curricular activities after state officials make recommendations for school re-opening later this month.

The subcommittee will announce when and how athletic, band and other co-curricular activities may resume once those decisions are made.

Please remember that all school campuses remain closed, including the grounds and fields. Students are encouraged to continue working out and practicing at home if they can do so safely.