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FAQ’s: Senior-Kickoff Athletic Purchases

08/14/2016, 6:15pm EDT
By Evan Moesta

Senior year is quickly approaching, and as you prepare to dive into almost nine months worth of stress, college applications, stress, AP classes, stress, saying goodbye to friends, and more stress, we thought that we would help you navigate through a few questions that you may have about Monday’s senior kick-off. We highly recommend that you read through the categories that pertain to you as there is some important information included but if you’re just wanting to know how much money you’ll need to pay for items that you want to purchase, just scroll all the way to the bottom.

DISCLAIMER: the information provided below is all that we are able to answer-- no, we can’t help you get a parking pass or tell you where you need to go at what time --this is just for information regarding Powderpuff, Wildcat Passes and the sale of Spiritwear items.


Look for a stand set up in the main lobby starting at 8:00 AM to sign-up for a spot on the Class of 2017 Powderpuff Team.

  • Spots will be sold from 8:00 AM until you are asked to attend your sessions around 9:00 AM. After sessions are complete, sign-ups will re-open.
  • 30 spots are available for girls that want to play in this game on the night of September 15th.
  • It costs $30 to play (that includes a spot, and a t-shirt)
  • Cash and checks ONLY (checks need to be made out to the Millbrook Booster Club)
  • Spots are first come, first serve to the first 30 girls to pay $30
  • You need to fill out the front page of a packet that you will receive at the sign-up table, you must take the other pages home and fill it out along with your parent or guardian and return it to Coach Davis’ office as soon as possible.

Encourage your friends to come out and play, and help the senior class make history as they are a win away from becoming the first ever powderpuff team to go 4-0 at Millbrook, and that’s a pretty big deal… like if Michael Phelps was a powderpuff team, he’d be this one so yeah, you wouldn’t want to miss out on being a part of that.


The Millbrook Booster Club Spiritwear Stand will be open after your sessions are complete. They have anything and everything that you could imagine in the world of Millbrook attire because you know four years worth of hoarding shirts that say “MILLBROOK” on them is a whole lot better than doing it for only three years. New this year is an expanded line of comfort color jerseys, new MHS v-necks styled after “The Home T” design, Millbrook vs. Everybody shirts based on the “Detroit vs Everybody” line, and Millbrook Baseball hats with “CATS” on them. Those are just a few of the new options that can help you continue to look like a walking advertisement for our school.

But the hottest selling items are the new Millbrook Maniac theme shirts. The Class of 2020 wiped a lot of the racks clean at Cats Camp last week, but each style has about a dozen shirts remaining in each size. Below is a breakdown of the shirts, the costs, and the availability of them.


  Navy Blue Maniac Tee - $12  

This is the basic, generic Maniac t-shirt for this year. It is styled like a uniform with “MILLBROOK” on the front, and “MANIACS” on the back along with the #1. Also, on the front of the jersey is a paw scratch mark; the shirt is navy blue, and the print is in columbia blue. You can wear this whenever to show your Millbrook allegiance in the student section, and it would especially come in handy this Friday when the football team opens the season with a Blue Out theme at East Wake.

  Stars and Stripes Tee - $12 (THEME DATE: September 9th)  

With the Olympics underway, and everybody being loaded with ridiculous amounts of patriotism, this has become one of most requested, and fast selling shirts. Not many will be available for purchase on Monday so make sure you grab yours quick (NOTE: we are currently purchasing more of these shirts so if you happen to miss out, don’t worry we will have more in stock before the school year starts). These gray shirts have a blue paw on the front that is filled with stars, and outlined with red and white stripes. This is a cool shirt to wear when watching the US win all of the gold medals in Rio, and it’s even cooler to wear on September 9th when the football team plays Northern Durham at home for the Stars and Stripes Maniac theme.

Always Reppin’ White Out Tee - $12 (THEME DATE: September 30th)

Like we mentioned above, it’s a rite of passage as a Millbrook student to own an unhealthy amount of shirts from the school, so what better way to sum up your wardrobe than a Millbrook shirt that says “Always Reppin’”? This tee is white with “ALWAYS REPPIN’” and a navy blue paw aligned across the front. The shirt is a part of the Maniac themed shirt series as it is expected to be worn on September 30th at what could very well be the biggest football game of the season when the Wildcats host Wake Forest with first place in the Cap-8 potentially on the line. Oh yeah, the Millbrook Hall of Fame class will also be honored that night so it’s a cool chance to showcase your school spirit to a group of alums who paved the way for what Millbrook is now.

  Pink Out Tee - $12 (THEME DATE: October 21st)  

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be painting the Wildcat Stadium pink with these shirts versus Heritage on October 21st. These t-shirts come in light pink and/or tie-dyed pink with a hot pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on the front that has the monogram “MHS” incorporated into the middle of it. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts go to the Pretty In Pink Foundation who provides financial assistance and support to underinsured and uninsured North Carolinians with breast cancer. This is a great chance to represent Millbrook and support a great cause.

  Black Out Tee - $12 (THEME DATE: November 4th)  

Looking to make it ten straight years worth of wins over Sanderson, the Maniacs will have a Black Out theme on November 4th with the Wildcats host the Spartans on Senior Night. These black shirts have the Millbrook block M on them in dark gray, and the word “BLACKOUT” just underneath it. Two weeks later, the Men’s Basketball team will open the season with a black out theme so this is a shirt that you can use plenty during the month of November.

  Bright Out Tee - $7 (THEME DATE: September 2nd)  

Your teacher may not give you extra credit on a test but we will give you an extra credit pat on the back if you go pick up this t-shirt from our friends down the street at Chick-Fil-A. These neon blue shirts have a navy paw on the front, along with the saying “MILLBROOK ATHLETICS 2016-17”. The shirts can be purchased at their Falls Village or Capital Crossing locations and they are $7 unless you choose to purchase a combo-meal then it would cut the cost to $4. These shirts are only available at the participating locations, and they will not be for purchase at the senior kick-off. We do recommend that you grab yours fast because the first home football game of the season is a Bright Out on September 2nd, and Chick-Fil-A is known for giving away free food and prizes to students that wear that shirt to Millbrook sporting events.

So to recap, there are five new Millbrook Maniac shirts for this school year plus the Chick-Fil-A Bright Out shirt. The five Maniac shirts that will be available at the spiritwear stand cost $12 each, but because the folks who run the spiritwear stand like you guys, they’re giving the Class of 2017 a one day only deal at the kick-off. You can buy any two of the five Maniac shirts for only $17 dollars, get it... 2 for 17 for 2017? That’s a great deal to jump on but it can only be used towards two shirts, so deals like 4 for $34 will not work, you have to buy your 2 for $17 then the rest for $12 apiece (hey, with that $7 dollars that you save, you can run down to Chick-Fil-A and buy a Bright Out shirt!). For those wondering, the spiritwear stand accepts Cash, Check (made out to the Millbrook Booster Club), and credit cards.



The Millbrook Booster Club will not have a stand at the senior kick-off to sell 2016-17 Wildcat Passes, but you can purchase them now and have them by weeks end by clicking the link HERE. The Wildcat Pass will grant you FREE ADMISSION to every Millbrook home game this school year that is not a playoff game. Passes are $60 for students, $90 for adults, or for $180 you can hook your whole family up with passes. If you have purchased a pass online, you can print the receipt and bring it to a future home sporting event to pick up your card. Millbrook home sporting events start this week so the quicker that you pick up a pass, the quicker you can start getting into games free of cost. Again, this pass only grants access to home sporting events.



For those too lazy to do the math, below is a cheat sheet of what you would need to pay if you are planning on purchasing any or all of the three categories listed above. Cash, and checks are accepted, and the spiritwear stand does take credit cards.

  • I want to buy a Powderpuff spot: $30
  • I want to buy two Maniac theme shirts: $17
  • I want to buy three Maniac theme shirts: $29
  • I want to buy four Maniac theme shirts: $41
  • I want to buy all five Maniac theme shirts: $53
  • I want to buy a Wildcat Pass ONLINE for myself: $60

To buy all five Maniac shirts, a Wildcat Pass online, along with heading over to Chick-Fil-A to grab a Bright Out shirt will cost you exactly $120 and it will cover free admission to every home game. You will be outfitted in the newest Millbrook Maniac apparel for whatever theme may come your way, and you will not have to worry about shelling out another dollar for shirts or tickets in the near future. Throw in a powderpuff spot for any girls that may be interested in playing and the cost rounds out to a great deal at only $150.

Reminder: for each Maniac theme shirt, there are only 8-12 shirts available in each size (Small-XL) so they will sell out fast. More shirts are being ordered so if you miss out, you can still pick yours up before the school year starts.

Hopefully this article helped answer any questions that you may have. If any more come to mind that we have not covered, feel free to contact us on Twitter at @MillbrookSports, and we can do our best to answer it. Best of luck to the Class of 2017, this school year is going to be one of the most memorable in quite some time!


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