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Green Level Athletics Q & A

By Athletic Director , 02/04/19, 4:30PM EST


Green Level Athletics – Q & A 

Q – How do you sign up to play sports at Green Level next year?

A – Online registration for sports during the 2019-2020 school year will begin on June 1st, 2019. The registration link will be found on the Green Level Athletics website ( You will simply create an account and sign-up for ALL the sports that you plan to play during the 2019-2020 school year. By completing this process you will submit important medical information, review and sign the Green Level Student Athlete Code of Conduct, and add your name to the registration list for one (or more) sports. This is the 1st step of the “Ticket 2 Play” process! 

Q – What is “Ticket 2 Play?” 

A – “Ticket 2 Play” is a term you will hear often if you are a student athlete at Green Level. This is the process you complete in order to be eligible to play sports during each season of your high school career. It involves registering for your sport(s) online (see above), turning in necessary medical paperwork and meeting all academic eligibility requirements. For more information on academic eligibility please visit the NCHSAA website (

Q  What is the "Green Level Student Athlete Code of Conduct?"

A – Student athletes are held to the highest of standards both on campus and in the community. They are representatives of our school and our athletic program. The Green Level Student Athlete Code of Conduct will be signed by each student athlete and his/her parents every year during the "Ticket 2 Play" process. If you would like to review the Green Level Student Athlete Code of Conduct click HERE.

Q – What sports will Green Level offer? When does the season start?

A – During the 2019-2020 school year Green Level will offer a full slate of athletic opportunities:

Fall (Start Date – 8/1/19) – Football, Cross Country (M & W), Men’s Soccer, Women’s Tennis, Women’s Golf, Volleyball, Gymnastics & Cheerleading 

Winter (Start Date 10/30/19) – Basketball (M & W), Indoor Track & Field (M & W), Swimming/Diving (M & W), Wrestling & Cheerleading 

Spring (Start Date 2/12/20) – Baseball, Softball, Men’s Tennis, Men’s Golf, Women’s Soccer, Lacrosse (M & W), Outdoor Track & Field (M & W) & Stunt 

Q – Will all sports offer both JV and Varsity programs?

A – All sports will offer both JV and Varsity programs during the 2019-2020 school year with the exception of Football. In 2019, Football will be JV only. We will add a Varsity Football program in 2020. Also, depending on the number of student athletes trying out for and/or participating in any given sport, it is possible some programs will be combined or play a Varsity only schedule during the 2019-2020 school year. 

Q – Will there be offseason workouts? When will workouts be held? Where will workouts be held?

A – Yes, offseason workouts are an important part of high school athletics. While voluntary in nature, these workouts help build program continuity, introduce new skills and team concepts, and provide opportunities to interact with our teammates and coaches in a competitive setting. Workouts are typically held in the months leading up to your season and while others take place year round. For instance, workouts for Women’s Soccer, which begins in February, would typically take place in December and January. 

Q – Can I play multiple sports? 

A – Yes! In fact, playing multiple sports is encouraged. All student athletes should consider playing multiple sports!