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Policies and Regulations

Policy #6860 Co-Curricular Activities and Athletics

The Wake County Public School System sponsors a varied activities program for all students enrolled in the secondary schools. Because certain of these activities, including athletics, meet outside of the school day and require a significant amount of time on the part of students, the following eligibility requirements are mandated. For purpose of this policy, participating in athletics includes try-out, practice, play and meeting all WCPSS, Department of Public Instruction, and NCHSAA eligibility requirements. Click the link to read the entire policy

Policy #6203 Transfer of School Assignment

A written request for transfer of a student to another school may be submitted by the parent or court-appointed custodian within ten days of receipt of official school assignment on a form provided by the school system available at any school, central office, or school district website. The best interest of the child, the orderly and efficient administration of the public schools, the proper administration of the school requested, and the instruction, health and safety of the students there enrolled will be factors in considering a request for transfer. Click the link to read the entire policy