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Coaching Staff

First Name Last Name Full Name Sport Season Contact/Email
Andrew Vaglio Andrew Vaglio Director of Athletics All
Christopher Smith Christopher B. Smith Asst. Director of Athletics All
Sarah Shute Sarah Shute M.Ed, ATC, LAT Athletic Trainer All
Taylor Beavers Taylor Beavers, ATC, LAT Asst Athletic Trainer All
Anthony Timmons Anthony Timmons Head Football Coach Fall
Leon Parker Leon Parker Asst Football Fall
Kevin Park Kevin Park Asst Football Fall
Stephen Larkins Steve Larkins Asst Football Fall
Joe Spencer Joe Spencer Asst Football Fall
Mike Vassil Mike Vassil Asst Football Fall
Justin Parsons Justin Parsons Asst Football Fall
Greg Hill Greg Hill Asst Football Fall
Nick Criner Nick Criner Asst Football Fall
Rubin Crosby Rubin Crosby Asst Football Fall
Jason deNobel Jason deNobel Cross County Fall
Jason deNobel Jason deNobel Boys Track Spring
Anthony Timmons Anthony Timmons Indoor Track Winter
Philip Seamster Philip Seamster Boys Soccer Fall
Catherine Rosales Catherine Rosales Boys JV Soccer Fall
Philip Seamster Philip Seamster Girls Soccer Spring
Megan Giunco Megan Giunco Girls JV Soccer Spring
Alex Von Hoene Alex Von Hoene Girls Tennis Fall
Christopher Smith Christopher Smith Girls Golf Fall
David Hawkins David Hawkins Boys Golf Spring
Alex Von Hoene Alex Von Hoene Boys Tennis Spring
Kevin Park Kevin Park Baseball, Head Coach Spring
Josh Verb Josh Verb Asst Baseball (JV) Spring
Brittany Lane Brittany Lane Softball Spring
Maggie Childress Maggie Childress Asst Softball (JV) Spring
Daryl Postley Daryl Postley Girls Track Spring
Wendy O'Connor Wendy O'Connor Girls Track Spring
Stephen Larkins Steve Larkins JV Girls Basketball Winter
Christi Fuller Christi Fuller Gymnastics Winter
Donovan Jackson JV Boys Basketball, Head Coach Winter
Anthony Byrd Anthony Byrd Boys Basketball Winter
Catherine Lewis Catherine Rosales Swimming Winter
Martin Faison Martin Faison Girls Basketball Winter
Jessica Wolf Jessica Wolf Girls Basketball Winter
Alex Von Hoene Alex Von Hoene Wrestling Winter
Shelby Wyatt Shelby A. Wyatt Volleyball Fall
Ahada McCummings Ahada McCummings Asst. Volleyball Fall
VACANT Cheer - Varsity All
Relonda Richard Relonda Richard Cheer - JV All