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Earning the KHS Varsity Letter

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The criteria for earning the KHS varsity letter have been established by the members of the Knightdale High School coaching staff. A philosophy underlies the criteria. The coaching staff believes that, for students at our school, earning a varsity letter should require evidence of commitment to team and expertise in sport.

Measuring expertise is not a science. Nonetheless, we have well-defined standards for the sake of uniform decision-making. The criteria are set according to standards the coaching staff believes are high, yet reasonable. The policies are intended to encourage students to persevere toward the goal of earning the varsity letter rather than to discourage or belittle anyone who fails to attain the standards.

All coaches are invited to participate in the process of adopting and amending the criteria. Suggestions for change must be recommended  by a coach and are adopted only upon approval of a majority of the full coaching staff.

General Policies

  1. Varsity athletes who remain as members of the team in good standing throughout the full season are eligible to earn a varsity letter, subject to the provisions below.
  2. Senior athletes who have participated in a given program (varsity or junior varsity) for at least three years shall receive a varsity letter.
  3. A student-trainer will receive a letter after his/her second season of service. This will be done under the direction of the Faculty Trainer and the Athletic Director.
  4. Managers who have held the position for at least two seasons in the same sport may earn a letter. Only those who, in the judgment of the coach, have made a significant commitment of time and effort shall be awarded the letter.
  5. Any student involved in the athletic program who does not receive a letter will receive a certificate of participation.
  6. In cases of extenuating circumstances, exceptions to the standards will be considered with the approval of the coach and the athletic director.