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Welcome to the home page for the Heritage Women's Junior Varsity Soccer Program.

Welcome to the Team Page for the Husky Soccer JV Women's Team. Please note that most program information will be available on the Heritage Women's Soccer Varsity Page. But, the basics will still be located here: training schedule, game schedule, coaches contacts, etc.... Thanks!

The Heritage High School Soccer Program operates with a commitment to educate the members of the program on the importance of values and team work.  Our coaching staff consists of dedicated individuals who serve as outstanding role models for our student-athletes. These coaches understand that besides playing to win, their role as coach includes character formation and positive sportsmanship. The athletic philosophy at Heritage High School is no different from our academic philosophy – the playing fields are an extension of the classroom.  The soccer members at the school understand they represent not just themselves, but the entire Heritage community when they wear the navy blue and white uniform. How they conduct themselves on and off the field is important to their overall well-being and attitude.

These high expectations are what make HHS one of the most respected athletic programs in the area. We are proud of that fact, and will continue to make sure the tradition continues.  So thank you for taking time to look at Heritage Husky Soccer, and as always: Go Huskies!


School Information

Heritage High Schoool

Map of Heritage High School

Heritage High School is a public high school school located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. A part of the Wake County Public School System, Heritage High School is home to over 1,800 students in 9th-12th grade.  

Heritage High School
1150 Forestville Road
Wake Forest, NC 2758

Team Information


Michael  Cantrell

Michael Cantrell

Head Coach