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Old Raleigh Cup

The Old Raleigh Cup

The Old Raleigh Cup

Daniels (1955) and Martin  (1959) are two of the oldest Middle Schools in Wake County.  They have always enjoyed a friendly rivalry in athletics and academics.  The “Old Raleigh Cup” is devised to further the rivalry in athletics with a year long competition of athletic matches and games between the schools.  This cup will symbolize the winner of all team match-ups between the schools and establish bragging rights for the school year.

Scoring System
          One point will be awarded to the winner for each athletic event.  The events are as follows: Football(1), Girls Soccer(1), Volleyball(1),  Boy’s Soccer(1), Boy’s Track(1), and Girls Track(1).  Half points will be awarded in the following sports for each game: Softball (.5)x2, Boy’s Basketball (.5)x2 and Girl’s Basketball (.5)x2.  There is a total of 9 points, the winner will be decided by the school that wins the most sporting events during that school year. In the event of a tie, the two schools will share the cup and it will be exchanged at the first basketball game. The regular cup presentation will be made at halftime of the first football game.

Daniels Old Raleigh Cup wins: '07,'08,'09,'10,'11,'12,'13,'14,'15,'16,'17

2017-2018 Old Raleigh Cup Standings

Date Away Home Sport Result
10/4/17 Martin Daniels Volleyball L 3-0 (1M)
10/4/17 Martin Daniels Girls Soccer W 3-0 (1D)
10/5/17 Daniels Martin Football W 30-0 (1D)
12/12/17 Martin Daniels Girls Basketball L 37-29 (.5M)
12/12/17 Martin Daniels Boys Basketball W 38-33 (.5D)
1/18/18 Daniels Martin Girls Basketball
1/18/18 Daniels Martin Boys Basketball
3/19/18 Daniels Martin Softball
4/24/18 Martin Daniels Girls Track
4/24/18 Martin Daniels Boys Track
3/21/18 Daniels Martin Boys Soccer
4/23/18 Martin Daniels Girls Softball
Total: 2.5-1.5 Daniels