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Tickets, Tryouts & Rules

Durant Road Middle School Athletics

Cost of Admission: $5.00

All PAYING Guests receive:

- Ticket (for accounting of sales) 
- Hand stamp (to prove legal entry to the event) 

Who Pays?
- Students
- Parents 
- Family of WCPSS employees 
- Individuals with booster club passes from other schools

All NON-PAYING guests receive:

- Hand stamp only (to prove legal entry to the event)

Who Does Not Pay?
- Students under school age 
- WCPSS employees who show valid WCPSS ID 
- Family of DRMS employees
- NCHSSA Coaches/Officials- must show Pass & ID 

Tryout Information

Seventh and eighth grade students interested in participating in athletics in the 2017-2018 school year should familiarize themselves with the following information. Listed below are the sports seasons and the athletic programs during that season.

Fall – Cheerleading, Football, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball

Winter – Boys & Girls Basketball, Cheerleading

Spring – Boys Soccer, Girls Softball, Boys & Girls Track

2017-2018 Sport Season Dates

  • Fall Sports Season – The first tryout/practice day is August 29, 2017. The first regular season playing date is the week of September 18, 2017
  • Winter Sports Season – The first tryout/practice day is November 13, 2017. The first regular season playing date is the week of December 4, 2017
  • Spring Sports Season – The first tryout/practice day is February 12, 2018. The first regular season playing date is the week of March 5, 2018

 Trying Out for a Sports Team

  1. Attend a pre-season information meeting with the coach. He/she will describe their expectations of team members.
  2. Verify that you meet the Wake County eligibility requirements.
  3. Turn in a completed WCPSS Middle School Athletic Participation Form to the Athletic Trainer, Miss Cicco. Make sure you keep a copy of the physical form. Please, turn it in BEFORE try outs begin!
  4. Allow the Athletic Director to check your eligibility and ensure that you are allowed to participate.
  5. Meet with the coach on the specified day and time for the first day of try-outs.

***If you are trying out for an athletic team at Durant Road Middle School, you must attend all tryout dates unless you have spoken to the coach regarding any special circumstances. If nothing has been worked out with the coach beforehand and you miss a day of tryouts, you are NOT permitted to attend any future tryout dates for that tryout period.*** 


Sportsmanship is defined as the quality of responsible behavior characterized by a spirit of generosity and genuine concern for opponents, officials and teammates. Athletes, students, and parents should:

• Realize you represent the school as does a member of the team; therefore, you have an obligation to be a true sportsman, encourage through this behavior the practice of good sportsmanship by others.

• Recognize that good sportsmanship is more important than victory by approving and applauding good team play, individual skill, and outstanding examples of sportsmanship and fair play exhibited by either team.

• Remember that the purpose of interscholastic athletics is to promote physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well-being of the players through the medium of contest.

• Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat, respect the judgment and integrity of game officials.

For more information, see the WCPSS Athletics Code of Conduct.

Specific Rules for Each Sport
Football: Pre-Game (5th Quarter) is 8 minutes (4 on Offense, 4 on Defense), 8 Minute Quarters. Overtime (OT) – Each team has one offensive series from the 10 yard-line.

Volleyball: Best 3 out of 5 games wins, games are played to 25 points using rally scoring. A ball hitting the line is in. Fifth game is to 15 win by 2.

Soccer: Pre-Game (5th Quarter) is 5 minutes running time, two 30-minute halves are played. If tied, a 10-minute overtime period is played in two halves of 5 minutes each.

Basketball: Pre-Game (5th Quarter) is 6 minutes long, running time. Quarters are 6 minutes long. Order of events: Girls' 5th Quarter, Girls' Game, Boys' 5th Quarter, Boys' Game (Unless a school specifies a change prior to the date that the game is to be played).

Softball: Fast pitch. Home plate to pitcher's rubber = 40'. Bases are 60' apart. Sliding, stealing, and bunting are legal. Games conclude after 1 hour and 30 minutes for single, non-divisional games and 1 hour and 15 minutes for double-headers. Only divisional games against East Millbrook, Leesville, Pine Hollow, Wakefield and West Millbrook are conducted as double-headers.

Track: Dual Meet Scoring: 5-3-1, (relay 5-0), 1 false start per event. Each athlete can compete in a maximum of 3 events. 
***All events begin at 4:00 PM, except softball which starts at 4:15 PM. Pre-game (5th Quarter) scrimmages take place before each game, except softball. WCPSS policy forbids the use of tobacco products on any campus.