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Medical Eligibility & Registration


To become "medically eligible" or "clear" to participate in Cary High School Athletics, student-athletes must the following completed, on file, and reviewed by th athletic trainer:

  • Must receive a medical examination once every 395 days by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.
  • Athlete and Parent/Legal Custodian must read the Concussion Information Sheet and sign the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Statement.
  • Must complete all other pages on the WCPSS Pre-Participation Form.
  • Must have a "Critical-Contact Form" of emergency names & numbers on file.
  • Student-Athlete COVID Questionnaire by the NCHSAA (TBD)
  • Must be released and or given recommendations about return by a licensed physician or designated medical provider after being seen for a medical condition, illness, or injury (past or present).
  • Must be released by a licensed physician if absent from athletic practice for five or more days due to illness or injury. (as stated on WCPSS Pre-Participation From)

*** If an student-athlete has been seen by a medical provider due to medical condition, procedure, or injury, the student-athlete should scan the medical documentation (PDF format) and email it to  PLEASE DO NOT SEND PHYSICALS TO THIS EMAIL. ADDRESS.

For more information on WCPSS Athletic Eligibility please visit WCPSS Athletics

Sport Information & Contacting Coaches

It is strongly encouraged that the student-athletes reach out and contact the coach of the sport(s) they are interested in to find out more information regarding any of the following:  

  • Out of season conditioning & workouts.
  • In season start dates & tryouts. 
  • Athletic Eligibility
  • Registering to participate in any sport at Cary HS. 



Welcome parents and student-athletes to the online athletic registration for Cary High School.  The system that we will be using is called DragonFly Max.  Both parents and students can sign up either on a desktop/laptop or the app (you will need to download the app). Forms will only be accepted through the DragonFly Max online registration portal - SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. 


WCPSS high School athletic participation forms can be completed on The only forms that would need to be downloaded, printed, and completed / signed by the medical provider are the 1) Physical Examination Form & 2) Medical Clearance From. These forms can be downloaded on OR from the WCPSS Website. A Spanish version can be downloaded as well. Once the two forms are completed, they should be scanned / picture separately and uploaded into 

  • Make sure that the STUDENT-ATHLETE creates an account FIRST and then adds a PARENT / GUARDIAN to their account.  
  • DragonFly Max sign up instructions are in section BELOW in a PDF format.
  • Parent /Guardian can visit the DragonFly Academy for more in depth instructions on registration.
  • After registering, student-athletes MUST complete the registration process (complete forms electronically & /or upload forms).
  • All forms that are uploaded MUST be on the WCPSS 2021-22 Athletic Participation Form. A "Wellness Check Up" form from the physician will NOT be accepted.
    • **Be advised the PPE Health History Form is 2 pages and the PPE Physical Examination Form & PPE Medical Eligibility Form are 2 separate pages that must be signed by the medical professional.**
    • NCHSAA - scroll down to "For Parents & Students" then select "English" or "Spanish" under "Pre-Participation Forms"
    • WCPSS Website - Besides the "PPE Physical Examination Form" & "PPE Medical Eligibility Form", there will be a few more forms on this download that can be completed electronically when registering on DragonFly Max.  
    • 1) The "PPE Health History Form" is the required 2 page NCHSAA health history form. The 2 pages can be filled out electronically or submitted / uploaded after completed on paper.  
    • 2) The "PPE Physical Examination Form "  is the required 1 page NCHSAA "physical examination" form  completed & signed by the medical professional. MUST be uploaded. (Is the top half of old one page physical) - The ""Effective Date" is the date of the actual physical exam. PLEASE ask for medical provider to STAMP the document.
    • 3) The "PPE Medical Eligibility Form" is the required 1 page NCHSAA "medical clearance" form completed & signed by the medical professional clearing the student-athlete to participate in sports. MUST be uploaded. (Is the bottom half of old one page physical) - The ""Effective Date" is the date of the actual physical exam. PLEASE ask for medical provider to STAMP the document.
    • 4) AN older version (pre 6/1/2021) of the 1 page Physical Form can be used for both the  the "PPE Physical Examination Form " & "PPE Medical Eligibility Form" if the EXAM date was BEFORE 6/1/2021. Upload this 1 form for both parts. - The ""Effective Date" is the date of the actual physical exam.

  • If the student-athlete's physical form is still valid from the 2020-21 school year, Cary HS may be able to upload that form. Please email us at to make us aware to look for last years form. This will take time. Please be patient. If you have the physical from last year, please upload.
  • If a student-athlete is coming from a middle school, the physical from the middle school may be valid, please contact the middle school to pick it up. Middle schools do not send forms to the high school.
  • Student-athlete registration MUST be checked & verified before they are cleared to participate. This will take time. Please be patient.
  • *** Special Note: If a student-athlete has registered and would like to request to join another sport, please email the athletic trainer, Eric Hall to inform him of this request. He does not get a notification when a new request has been added. ***
  • ***  Printed paper forms will NOT be collected at anytime. All registration is through the DragonFly Max online registration portal. ***

*This is a new registration process that we are learning. Mistakes are bound to happen, contact the Athletic Trainer if you have questions.*


In depth instructions on DragonFly Max registration and explanation of completing forms. INSTRUCTIONS 

Physical Exam & Medical Clearance form expiring during the school year?

If the student-athlete's "Physical Examination" and "Medical Clearance" form are expiring during the current school year, the student-athlete should download new "Physical Examination" and "Medical Clearance" forms  from and upload them after being completed by the medical provider. Once the new forms have been updated in email the teams head coach and athletic trainer (Eric Hall to inform them a new updated forms have been uploaded. We do not know when a new form has been uploaded. The the athletic trainer can check & verify the new forms. 

Still need a Physical Examination & Medical Clearance by a Medical Provider?

FastMed Urgent Care is offering sports physicals for $25. Please make sure to register on DragonFly Max and download the correct forms to take and get signed.

Cary Location - 100 Cornerstone Drive,  Cary, NC 27519 - Phone: 919-650-3660

  • PPE Health History Form - download and complete for the medical provider to review. Can complete this electronically on DragonFly Max.
  • PPE Physical Examination Form - download the form and make sure the medical provider completes and signs the form with the "Date of Exam" & the provider stamp for verification. When complete, upload the form on DragonFly Max. 
  • PPE Medical Clearance Form - download the form and makes sure the medical provider completes and sins the form. When complete, upload the form on DragonFly Max. 


Not sure if your pre-participation form is current? The physical portion is current for 395 days from the evaluation date when it is signed by appropriate medical provider (MD, DO, NP, or PA).

First, please check with your primary care physician to see when your last physical was done. A Wellness Check-Up Form is NOT considered a current physical under the NCHSAA and WCPSS guidelines. But during the Wellness Check Up the medical provider can complete / sign the appropriate form during the visit The proper form can be downloaded while registering on DragonFLy Max

Second, the Athletic Trainer will be glad to check on the student-athletes pre-participation form status (forms turned in prior to June 1st 2021) . Please email the Head Athletic Trainer, Eric Hall at and a response will be sent ASAP. 

If you need a copy (if turned in prior to June 1st 2021) of the actual physical for a camp (summer, etc...) please give a few days notice to make a copy. A copy needed the same day may not always be possible.  Please email the Head Athletic Trainer, Eric Hall at and a response will be sent ASAP. 

Student-athletes are typically ineligible due to one of the following: PRIOR to JUNE 1st 2021

  • 1) the pre-participation form has not been turned in to the Athletic Trainer. It could have been turned into the front office or student services, but that does not mean it has made its way to the Athletic Trainer. 
  • 2) the pre-participation form has been turned in into NJROTC. Please have the student-athlete make a copy from ROTC and give to the Athletic Trainer.
  • 3) the pre-participation form (physical portion) HAS expired.
  • 4) the pre-participation form (physical portion) WILL expire during the season (depending on the date it was signed.
  • 5) the pre-participation form is INCOMPLETE (missing a page, signature, etc...)
  • 6) the student-athlete is not cleared due to a past / current injury, illness, on medical condition. The student-athlete MUST be cleared from an medical reason (injury / illness ; condition) with a note from the medical professional treating the injury.

For any reason listed above please email the Athletic Trainer to discuss. 

*Mistakes are bound to happen, if you have any questions please discuss with the Athletic Trainer ASAP*

**Safety comes first, so if an student-athlete registers on DragonFly Max and submits paperwork during tryouts, practice, or competitions, the student-athlete may have to wait for registration to be checked and verified. The team practicing takes priority. There could be a 24-48 hour delay to check after a registration is completed. **