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Winter Track Basic Info

Track Tryouts

Track Tryouts will begin Wednesday, Oct 31 - from 2:30 until 5pm. Tryouts will last through Monday, Nov  5. Cuts will be made.  

Winter Track Obligations & Expectations

  • Have your "Ticket to Play" from the Athletic Director (academically eligible, registered online, current Doctor's Physical.)
  • Be able to participate in at LEAST 4 workouts a week with the team. Be willing to complete workouts on your own over the weekend and over breaks. The #2 Team in the Nation trains 10-12 times per week (Mon - Sat, Mornings and Evenings)... we need to get in between 7-10 if we want to become a Regional-to-State Championship program.
  • Aquire the Uniform Tank Top/Bottom from by November 10th. This is due to the large numbers on the team (even with cuts) and the unpredictable shirt sizes. Athletes get to keep the tank top uniforms and they are used in the Winter, Spring and for Cross Country. No other purchases are required (although, spiked shoes are recommended - especially for Sprinters and Jumpers).
  • Obey Coach Grether's training program, including seeking to live a Championship Lifestyle with your sleeping and eating habits. A diet plan will be provided, as well as body-care recommendations.

Winter Track Frequently Asked Questions

Does Everyone Make the Team?

No. Everyone does not make the team. There will be cuts this season.

How are tryouts determined? Do I need to show up in shape?

  • An athlete must come to Wed, Thu, and Mon's tryout or else they will be automatically cut.
  • Tryouts are determined by performance, place on team, and how close an athlete is to being able to be competitive in the Winter/Spring races.
  • A Basketball player does not show up to a tryout, asking how to dribble a basketball. A baseball player does not show up to a tryout asking how to hold a bat. So... a track athlete should not show up asking how to get started with running. A track athlete should show up in-shape, ready to move their body from "in shape" to "Championship shape." A track athlete should show up ready to compete for a spot on the team.

What if I don't know how to do all the skills (throw shot, hurdle, high jump, etc?)

  • While an athlete is expected to show up to tryouts in shape, we do not expect athletes to know all the skills for the unique events in track. We have an able coaching staff who has produced champions in every event (other then Pole Vault) who is ready to take in-shape athletes and teach them the unique skill sets needed to be successful.

What events will I participate in? Do I get to choose? What if I don't know...?

  • Coach Grether will decide what events you will participate in.  Rolesville High School is a Championship program seeking to build athletes that can compete on the Regional, State and National levels. We know the traits and qualities of what kind of athletes become successful at which events. This is not like Middle School track where athlete got to pick their event groups. The tryouts will gather data about your speed, strength, power, speed endurance, endurance, flexibility and mobility. Based on these numbers, athletes who make the cut will be offered an invitation to a particular event group.  You can choose to accept the offer or reject the offer. 

What if I don't make the cut for Winter? Can I tryout again in the spring?

  • Yes. Coach Grether will provide a training plan that you can follow that will increase your strength, speed, power and endurance. If you invest into building these qualities, you can come back and compete to earn a spot on the team in the spring.

2019 Track Roster

This is the finalized list of who has qualified for Winter Track . (A late tryout will be made for Football players who are finishing their Fall Season and cannot tryout yet by State Policy). Workouts will be provided for those who did not make the Winter Team that they can complete on their own if they are interested in trying out for Spring Track on February 14th.

    Short Sprint Long Sprint Distance Jumps Throws
  Boys Michael Gupton

Lance Searcy

Crist Cruz

Zemir McKoy

TJ Mercaldo

Jonathan Houston

Jarwuan Tucker

Myles Joe

Clinton Chidebe

Ethan Boyd

Jordan Bufford

Ethan Gang

Kevin Garbacki

Mamoon Hassan

Bailey Lyerly 

Matthew Morris

Sal Nsiambote

Abdul Okunuga

Patrick Plumeri

Kendall Artis

TJ Mercaldo

Jarwuan Tucker

Crist Cruz

Jonathan Houston

Noah Barber

Lawrence Alexander

  9th Grade Boys    

Joshua Carlisle

Justin Fullwood

Justin Mooney

Gabriel Musungu

Gannon Turner

Jalen Webster

Andrew Lenihan

Elijah Webster

Gleason Schnieder


Aaron Turner

Peter Onuzulike


Karrington Smith

Jaidyn Ramsey*

Jade Houston

Christina Carlisle

Jaidyn Ramsey*

Khaylan Brown

Glorious Obimma

Ashleigh Vilga

Francela Mejias-Solano

Caroline Hupp

Hannah Arellane

Madison Barton

Felicia Miles

Jocelyn Sanchez

Deleyines Mercado

Becka McMorris

Jade Houston

Christina Carlisle

Lauryn Purnell

Madison Perry

Taaylor Clark


Michael Grether

Head Coach

Winter Track Schedule

  • PARENT MEETING!!! Monday, Nov 5 @ Rolesville High
  • Monday, Nov 19 @ Nash Central High School
  • Saturday, Dec 8 @ Rolesville High School
  • TBA January @ JDL Fast Track (Winston Salem)
  • Saturday,  Feb 9 @ JDL Fast Track (Winston Salem)

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