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<<Picture Of Yourself. Preferably Running/Track>>

I (or My Child) am a proud member of the Rolesville 2020 Track & Field Team. I am a member of the team because:_________________.  As a team, we are back-to-back conference champions, ranking top ten in the State of North Carolina, while also producing nationally ranked athletes.

My team needs your help. We are a donor-funded program. Our equipment is aging out, plus we need to expand our training equipment to support our now 80+ person team. We also need to raise funds to cover travel expenses and hotels to the State Meet in May. We are trying to raise $20,000

Please help me meet my team goal of 20 People donating $20 @ 

If you have a business and would like to sponsor our team in return for advertising at Rolesville High School, go to 

2020 Spring Track Team Roster

This Chart is updated through 2/19/20 @ 5:30. Only JV Basketball & Basketball Players can still try out. 

If your name is on the list, the next step is to order your uniform. Go to and order a uniform tank top & black compression shorts (if you already have all black with NO writing, then you are good). If you do not want your position, see Coach Grether immediately.


  Short Sprints Long Sprints Mixed  Distance Hurdles Jumps Throws


Winter Runners

Michael Gupton

Zemir McKoy

Walker Wallis

Anyanso Kalu


Kai Ingraham

Myles Joe

Clinton Chidebe

Lance Garrett

Jarwuan Tucker


Bailey Lyrely

Jonathan Houston

Jordan Bufford

Sal Nsiambote

Omar Romero

Luis Rivera

Keylan Pacovich

Edwin Thompson




Kevin Garbacki

Patrick Plumeri

Gannon Turner

Gabe Musungu

Adama Jobe

Tiya Komono

Corey Little

Sean Nichols

Chiebem Anywanwu

Jonathan Houston

Justice Radway

Jamaul Bible

Rory Jones Amen 

Kendall Artis 

TJ Mercaldo

Jarwuan Tucker

Jonathan Pehot

Lance Garrett


Noah Barb, Justin, Peter

Spring Add-On Jaedyn Fulton

Jaedyn Fulton

Cyrus Rogers

Raekwon Williams

Jacorrey Bible

OC Ford

Raphael Johnson

Devon Dunn

Jonathan Brown

Jordan Monroe

Tate Meredith

Ethan Harris

Ecedro Lucas

Vlad Gurksyy

Jace Wood

Kory Young

  Anthony Anachuma Daniel Soutter

Jaidyn Ramsey 

Raquel Lightbourn

Christina Carlisle

Jade Houston

Omolayo Balogun

Khaylan Brown


Jada Clark

Emma Barton(?) 

Kristin Estes

Akeirra Wilson

Aimaya Mason

Alejandro Mendez

Tatiana Jones

Kristen Estes

Madison Barton

Hailey George

Awa Kandji

Aimaya Mason

Latifatou Toure

Aaliyay Tisdale

Camryn Straughn

Christina Carlisle

Jade Houston

Jade Houston

Christina Carlisle

Ella Segard 

Samantha Kline


Madison Perry

Emily Melton

Lanay Smith


Spring Add-On  

Makaila Cassamajor

Harmonie Clark

    Yasatang Kaira    


No Results Yet

Coach is working on putting them together... check back @ 8:30ish.

Rams Track - 2020

Track Sign Up

If you are even POSSIBLY interested in trying out for track, you MUST sign up by Feb 7 @ 

Step 1: Complete the WCPSS Athletic Participation Form @ 

Step 2: Turn in your Physical (or have an active one on file from the past 395 days). Forms can be found @  


We are a championship program that produces State and National competitive athletes. We are looking for athletes who are willing to buy into our system and work to become the best athlete they can be, and to work together to win team championships at a Conference, Regional and State level. All Spots on the team are EARNED through tryouts.

Dates: February 12, 13, 14 (WINTER SPORT ATHLETES: Finish your winter season. A special tryout will be held once the playoffs are done for your Winter sport). Athletes who want to be considered for running and jumping events must be present on ALL days of tryouts.
Basic Requirements

  • All athletes MUST have the Red Athletic card filled out with:
    • Registered online @ (Only needs to be done once per year. If you tried out for another sport, you are "good")
    • Current physical on file ( )
    • Academically Eligible (Passed 3 of 4 classes from the fall, minimum 1.5 GPA, less then 13 absences)
  • Qualities:
    • Works Hard: Track pushes your body to a level you never before imagined.
    • Willing to Comply: We have a set system to build great athletes.  You need to be willing to follow ALL instructions
    • Desire to Compete: We train athletes to race. This is not a social club or a local gym. If you make the team, you are expected to compete and have a desire to improve your performances.
    • Hits qualifying time for the event group(s).


This is NOT middle school or club track. We are building a championship team that can compete to Win the NAC Conference (again) and begin to compete for a Regional and State Team Championship. You will be placed into the events that best meet your ability AND best fill the needs of the team to win a championship. This is decided by the Coaches based off your performance at tryouts.

Each day you will perform in a different task that tests your speed, strength, explosiveness and speed endurance. Just like a basketball player comes into a tryout knowing how to dribble a ball, and a baseball player knows how to swing a bat... a track athlete should come into tryouts in decent shape. The first day of tryouts should not be the first day you have ever worked out. The Rams Track coaches do not expect you to know to do the "special skills" like hurdle, throw shot/discus, or perform the jumps... but you should be able to complete and compete in the tryout activities.

Each event group has performance standards (Short sprints, long sprints, mixed sprints, distance, jumps, throws). Based on your times, you will be placed into the group where you have the best chance to grow into a successful athlete. If your times are well below any of our event groups, you will not make the team. 

See Coach Grether in Room 4404 to sign up for the tryout dates.

Required Purchases

  • Go to Shop.FastRams.Me
  • All running/jumping athletes must have (a) Black Spandex shorts with NO writing on the waist band (b) The Red Uniform tank top. This is a one time purchase.
  • Throwers must have solid shorts and a Rolesville TRACK shirt.
  • Runners must have some type of watch or device to keep time of their workouts. Workouts are specialized to the ability level of each athlete, and each athlete should be able to report the exact times they ran at practice.

Practice Times

Athletes are expected to workout 6-7 days a week, 1-2 times a day (depending on event and years of experience). If you make the team, we will formally meet together to practice Monday through Friday, 2:30-5pm RAIN OR SHINE (Unless Coach G announces otherwise). There are activity buses  Mon through Thurs @ 5pm to help get people home. Over breaks or on weekends, there WILL be workouts athletes are expected to complete on their own.


Spring Track Frequently Asked Questions

Does Everyone Make the Team?

No. Everyone does not make the team. There will be cuts this season.

How are tryouts determined? Do I need to show up in shape?

  • An athlete must come to all the tryout dates or else they will be automatically cut. *Exception for Throwers who just need to show up and participate in the thrower-specific events.
  • Tryouts are determined by performance, place on team, and how close an athlete is to being able to be competitive in the Spring races.
  • A Basketball player does not show up to a tryout, asking how to dribble a basketball. A baseball player does not show up to a tryout asking how to hold a bat. So... a track athlete should not show up asking how to get started with running. A track athlete should show up in-shape, ready to move their body from "in shape" to "Championship shape." A track athlete should show up ready to compete for a spot on the team.

What if I don't know how to do all the skills (throw shot, hurdle, high jump, etc?)

  • While an athlete is expected to show up to tryouts in shape, we do not expect athletes to know all the skills for the unique events in track. We have an able coaching staff who has produced champions in every event (other then Pole Vault) who is ready to take in-shape athletes and teach them the unique skill sets needed to be successful.

What events will I participate in? Do I get to choose? What if I don't know...?

  • Coach Grether will decide what events you will participate in.  Rolesville High School is a Championship program seeking to build athletes that can compete on the Regional, State and National levels. We know the traits and qualities of what kind of athletes become successful at which events. This is not like Middle School track where athlete got to pick their event groups. The tryouts will gather data about your speed, strength, power, speed endurance, endurance, flexibility and mobility. Based on these numbers, athletes who make the cut will be offered an invitation to a particular event group.  You can choose to accept the offer or reject the offer. 

News and Announcements

No news currently found.

Rams XCT Parent & Alumni Group
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Michael Grether

Head Coach - Boy's & Girls

Meet Schedule

Note: These dates may change based on weather or other outside factors. 

  • Wed, Mar 11: NAC Meet TBA

  • Wed, Mar 18: NAC Meet TBA

  • Sat, Mar 21: Saturday Meet - TBA (Hopefully Freshman/Sophomore Meet
    MAYBE an Invite for Jr/Sr. Dates Not Confirmed Yet)

  • Wed, Mar 25: NAC Meet @ Wakefield

  • Sat, Mar 28: Wake County Championships @ South Garner **2 Per Event**

  • Wed, April 1: NAC Meet Heritage @ Home

  • Wed, April 16: NAC Meet Wake Forest @ Home

  • Sat, April 18 Apex Relays **Just Relays - TBA**

  • Sat, April 25: NAC Championships @ Corinth Holders (Maybe) **4 Per Event + Standard**

  • Sat, May 9: Regionals @ Southview High School **Just Qualifiers** 

  • Sat, May 16: States @ NC A&T  **Just Qualifiers** 

  • June 13-16: New Balance Nationals @ NC A&T **Just Qualifiers**

Bolded Events are invitationals. Participation is based on (a) How many people the event allows us to bring (b) If there are performance standards - i.e. only people who have run a certain time, or jumped/thrown a certain distance (c) standing on team. 

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