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Zoom STUNT Meetings every Thursday at 2pm

All stunt athletes are encouraged to join the Zoom meetings every Thursday at 2pm  

The link and password to the meeting was sent in your school email.  

Virtual Workouts

RHS Stunt Team stay fit during the quarantine with the following workouts.  See a weekly descriptions of the workouts on the right.  

  1. The Intensity tutorial video helps you understand how to do the workout. 
  2. The Intensity workout video will help you keep in shape during school closure 
  3. The various stretching videos will allow you to choose a stretch sequence best for you

All stunt team members need to:

  1. Watch the Intensity tutorial once
  2. Do the Intensity Workout  4 times a week 
  3. Pick one stretch video 4 times a week with workouts (mix those up)
  4. Post a journaling video on flipgrid telling your teammates about your workouts

You can access the videos via our drop box under Virtual Conditioning.  They will be labeled by week.  

The flip grid link will be sent out via Remind with a the room name and password.   


Shop the team store for your RHS apparel.  

The link below will allow you to shop.  The code is STUNTRHS 

Week 4/17-4/24 Cheer Conditioning Intensity 1

Cheer Intensify 1 Tutorial 

(Should only need to watch once) 

This is imperative! Even if you think you know how to do each of these motions correctly! (Approx 10 min) 

She does an excellent job of telling you what to focus on and how to do each of the exercises! Please listen to her descriptions and focus on what she is telling you.  

She will show the correct technique for the following:  You will work on: High and low Vs, cradle snaps, T, bounce squats, Cheer samurai, jump kicks, hell squats and arabesques.  

INTENSIFY 1: Cheer Conditioning

This short video is approx. 18 minutes long and will get your blood pumping! It is divided into three parts but the third is simply a combination of the first two. You will work on: High and low Vs, cradle snaps, T, bounce squats, Cheer samurai, jump kicks, hell squats and arabesques.

*Focus on: Paying attention to your CONTROL! Using your CORE! Keeping it TIGHT!

**There are water breaks: USE THEM!

***Look for what is coming next in the bottom right corner!**

Stunt 2020 Communication Link

Join Remind 101 for Team Communication

Rebecca Clayton

Rebecca Clayton

Head Coach