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Warm-up Drills


15 Meters down with A skips and then B skips back to start.  A Skips Demonstration


Return to start after A SKIPS (15 Meters). During B-Skips, feet should be dorsiflexed  B-SKIPS Demonstration


15 metes, up and back from start, after the first 15 meters, make sure you get both sides of legs. 
CARIOCAS demonstration

C Skips

15 meters of C-Skips. If you can't do C-Skips correctly, do a set of open the gate and close the gate. 
C-Skips Demonstration.

Straight Leg Shuffle

15 meters down from start, return with straight-leg kicks Make sure you are keeping your foot dorsiflexed.
Straight Leg Shuffle Demonstration

Straight Leg Kicks

Return to the start after Straight Leg Shuffle. 
Straight Leg Kicks Demonstration

High Knees

After 15 meters of Walking Knee Hugs return to start High Knees.
High Knees Demonstration


After Toe Sweeps, return to start of 15 meters of Butt Kicks. The foot should be coming right up under the butt. 
Butt Kicks Demonstration


15 meters of walking lunges, alternate each legs as walking. Return to start with Walking Slide Lunges, alternate side facing. Walking Lunges Demonstration


Return to start after walking lunge. 15 meters and also alternating facing side, face left then right,etc 
Slide Walking Lunge Demonstration

Toe Sweeps

15 meters of Toe Sweeps and then return with "good form" butt kicks. Toe Sweeps Demonstration


Do 15 meters of Ankling: Starting at the toe, push the foot down until it barely contacts the ground. Ankling Demonstration


Do 20 meter, 30 meter, 40 meter build-ups, slow start to faster. Build-Ups Demonstration

Striding Technique

Shin Splint Prevention

  • Duck Walks (Walk forward for 20 feet with toes pointed up, only heels touching ground. 4 times
  • Side Foot Walk: On outside of foot first, then inside of foot. Same sets as Duck walks