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2022 Tryout Information

For 2022, there will be Tryouts. To tryout, you must:

Who Make the Team?

  • There will be a ~3k Race/Time Trial on the Ram Trails.  There will be the following races: Freshmen Boys Only, Freshmen Girls Only, 10-12th Boys, 10th-12th Girls.
  • Who makes the team? 
    • There is a Boys Team and Girls Team. There will be ~40 people on the team.
    • 15x Sophomore/Juniors/Seniors for each Gender (~15 Boys, ~15 Girls)
    • 5x Freshmen for each Gender (~5 Boys, ~5 Girls)
  • How do I prepare?
    • Just like any other sport, there are certain skills that an athlete should have before trying out. Basketball players practice dribbling and shooting on their own BEFORE trying out. Baseball players learn and practice how to  swing a bat and soccer players kick a ball BEFORE trying out. 
    • Distance runners need to build their endurance over the summer. By the time of tryouts, the expectation is that athletes trying out have at least a month of:
      • Daily Core workouts (e-mail Coach G for deatils)
      • 10th-12th: 35 + Miles per week, with one long run that is 20% of weekly milage
      • 9th: Able to jog for 20-25 min non stop (ideally able to run 20-25 miles per week or 2.5-3.5 miles per day. E-mail Coach G for a "Getting Started Plan)

Other Information

  • Athletes who make the team will need (a) SOLID Black running shorts or spandex with NOTHING on the waist band and (b) Purchase the red tank top from . If you already own these, there is no need to repurchase. These are the same items used in Winter and Spring Track as well.
  • A device to time their runs. This can be a free app on a phone (runkeeper, map my run, Nike Run Club) or a Garmin Watch. The expectation is that athletes MUST be able to tell coach the distance and pace of each of their runs and SHOW their weekly milage/stats.
  • Buy a good pair of running Shoes. Run & Tri ( 11831 Retail Dr, Wake Forest, NC 27587). Tell them you are from Rolesville XC.
  • Practice Times & Locations: 
    • June 14 through Aug 19, workouts will be in the morning @ 6-9am (before the heat) meeting @ Rolesville High School (bussing to local parks)
    • Aug 20- At Least Sept 15: 6pm-7:30ish pm @  Horseshoe Nature Preserve. Go home after school, do school work and meet at the park. This is due to the Code Black Heat that is common during the late August days, when we can't practice due to the immense heat in the afternoons. Successful distance runners are the ones who get the consistent work in. Make plans now of how to work with these practice times.
    • ~Sept 16-Nov 3: 2:30-5ish (with an occasional later practice when coming back from Umstead).
    • What if I cannot make these morning/evening practice times?
      • Practice/training is necessary for success in this sport. From previous years experiences, those who showed up to practices 4-5 times a week improved, those who did not... did not and hurt the teams chances of success. Due to the extreme heat of North Carolina summers/early falls, we have to train when the climate allows  which is either early mornings or late evenings. If the Wet Bulb Temperature is too high, we have a Code Red and Code Black which forbids us from training outdoors by State Law. In the past three years, we have been in Code Black until about 5:30pm until ~ Sept 10th.  Unfortunately, if you cannot make the practice times consistently, then you will not have a spot on the team. Certain Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis... but too frequent of interruptions will result in removal from the team. Please talk with your parents, employers, and Coach G ahead of time to find a workable plan.


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