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Robbie Frongello

Varsity   robbie frongello small
1 · P/INF

Chris Bleeker

Varsity   chris bleeker small
3 · OF/P

Jake Forte

Varsity   jake forte small
4 · OF

Will Selph

Varsity   will selph small
5 · INF

Kyle Bowers

Varsity   kyle bowers small
6 · P

Ethan Hughes

Varsity   ethan hughes small
7 · P

Wade Chandler

Varsity   wade chandler small
8 · OF

Jake Wolf

Varsity   jake wolf small
9 · P

Todd Bobeng

Varsity   todd bobeng small
10 · C/1B

Austin Overton

Varsity   austiin overton small
12 · P/INF

Derek Roy

Varsity   derek roy small
15 · P

Dominick D'Ercole

Varsity   dominick d ercole small
16 · INF/P

Ryan Sholar

Varsity   ryan sholar small
21 · INF

William Puigcerver

Varsity   william puigcerver small
24 · INF/OF

Brendon Woods

Varsity   brendon woods small
25 · P

Jonathan D'Ercole

Varsity   jonathan d ercole small
26 · C/INF

Daniel Alvarado

Varsity   daniel alvarado small
29 · P/OF

Tucker Rogers

Varsity   tucker rogers small
30 · P/INF

Ryan Chasse

Varsity   ryan chasse small
31 · P

Brett Rendon

Varsity   brett rendon 2 small
32 · P

Kevin Brunson

Varsity asst coach   kevin brunson small
Brunson ·

Phillip Jenkins

Jv asst coach   phillip jenkins  small
Jenkins ·

Britt Johnson

Varsity asst coach   britt johnson small
Johnson ·

Wesley King

Varsity head coach   wesley king small
King ·

Nate Logan

Jv head coach   nate logan small
Logan ·

William Puigcerver #24·INF/OF

Varsity   william puigcerver medium
Year Senior

Player Profile

  • Returning letterman
  • Honorable Mention All-Conference in 2017
  • Had .390 OBP and stole 6 bases (second most on team) in 2016
  • Family includes parents Luis and Debbie and sisters Amy and Sarah
  • Nickname is "Puig"